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From San Diego, former President of the Association of Business Trial Lawyers, says:


 "Rob - you have the patience of Job, the judgment of Solomon and the persistence

of the Devil. 



From San Francisco, a prominent plaintiffs' lawyer with many high-profile,

7 and 8 figure settlements and verdicts says:


"I am a Plaintiffs' attorney with over 35 years of experience.  Rob is, without question, the best mediator  I have ever used.  Very personable, very smart, very aggressive without shouting or offending.  Never gives up.  Doesn't waste time.  I know many other Plaintiff lawyers who say the same things about him.

What makes Rob so unique is that I know there are an equal number of insurance companies and defense attorneys who believe Kaplan is the best mediator they have ever used.


Simply put, Rob has earned the highest degree of trust from both sides and  has earned the reputation of being a true 'Closer'." 




Former President of the Consumer Attorneys of California says:


"When we began this mediation I thought there was a 10-20 percent chance of this case settling... Rob's grasp of the substantive law played a critical factor in assisting us in evaluating the case. But, the mastery really came from his intuitive sense and credibility that was essential in getting the parties to compromise their self-perceived value of the case." 




CEO of a privately held company sent the following hand-written note:

"Rob - Never in my life have I seen someone so skilled in negotiation as you were yesterday.  I never thought the case would settle that day.  I wanted to personally thank you for the great effort and the great result."



General Counsel from a multi-billion dollar publicly held company says:


"Rob -  I just want to express my appreciation for your mediation services last Tuesday with respect to [our multi-million dollar dispute.] You were one of the most effective mediators I’ve experienced and I’ve been through quite a few mediations as an in-house attorney. We are thankful to have this matter behind us and again, appreciative of your effective services."


First-Hand Impressions of 
Mediator Robert J. Kaplan

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